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The Business of Spas...Still No Metrics
July 2016

Is Your Spa Surviving or Thriving
Oct 2012

How Asset & Financial Managers Maximize the Spa's Potential
Sept 2012

Spa Profit Maximization - How To Go From Revenues to Profits
July 2012

Spa Performance & Profitability: What You Need to Know
July 2011

Spa Trends - How Have Spas Changed Their Business to Stay in Business
May 2011

Global Spa Trends - Is Your Spa GPS Saying "Re-Calculating" Or Are You On-Course
April 2011

How to Squeeze More Profits From Your Spa
October 2010

The Allison Inn & Spa: Vision, Commitment, Communication & Team-Work Lead To Success
August 2010

Best Practices: Revenue Maximization for Spas
March 2010

Spa Benchmarking: Reliable Research Versus Press Release Research
March 2010

HFD's P's For A Profitable Spa
March 2010

How Spas Can Avoid a Financial Decline in 2009
Hotel Executive, June 2009

Spas & Hospitality: Compatible, Marketable & Profitable
Hotel Interactive, March 2009

Spa Economics & Metrics: Do you really know how your spa is doing?
Hotel Business Review, December 2008

Insider: Spa Sustainability Strategies for the Environment, The Guests & Your Business
Hotel Executive Insider, November 2008

Best Practices Controlling Your Spa's Labor Costs
Hotel Business Review, July 2008

Profitable Spas: Be On-Trend Rather Than Trendy
Hotels, April 2008

Best Practices Marketing Your Spa - Does Your Spa Make Cents, Scents & Sense?
Hotel Business Review, April 2008

Spas Mean Business
Lodging Magazine, March 2008

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Spas: How to Stay On-Trend and Make Money
Hotel Online, February 2007

Spa Savvy: Best Practices for Hiring, Training & Retaining Your Staff
Hotel Business Review, September 2006

Spa News & Views: If The Spa Will Not Help Sell Rooms,
Do Not Add A Spa

Spa Management, March 2006

Spa Study: Understand the Economic Realities
for Spa Operations

Spa Management, February 2006

Spa News & Views: Lifestyles & Trends - Design the Experience
Hotel Executive Insider, March 2006

Spa Products: Branding in a Box, Bar & Bottle
Hotel Business Review, February 2006

First International Spa Benchmarks
Hospitality Inside, February 2006

Don't Just Jump on the Spa-Wagon!
Hotel Business Review, January 2006

HFD's Landmark Study on Spa Financial Benchmarks
Spa Management, October 2005

Spa Metrics & Benchmarks: Measuring and Monitoring Your Success
Hotel Business Review, August 2005

The "Anywhere & Everywhere Spa" Concept
Hotel Business Review, May 2005

Spa Vision: What Lies Ahead . . .
National Hotel Executive, January 2005

Is Your Spa a Lazy Asset?
National Hotel Executive, August 11, 2004

Practitioner Paper: Marketing a Resort-Based Spa
Journal of Vacation Marketing, 2004

Spas Are Hot, Don't Get Burned. Part II
National Hotel Executive, May 14, 2004

Spas Are Hot, Don't Get Burned. Part I
National Hotel Executive, January 5, 2004

Spa Design Takes Cues from Tropical Setting
National Hotel Executive, March 2003

Planning and operating a resort-based spa
Journal of Leisure Property, December 2002

Global Update: Finance, 2001 Spa Revenue Per Occupied Room
Hotels, November, 2002

Plan Them Well So You Can Be as Relaxed as Your Guests
New England Real Estate Jounal, August 16-22, 2002

So You Want to Have a Spa
Spa & Resort Expo in New York City, NY, May 20, 2002

How to Make Your Resort Spa Profitable
Spa & Resort Expo in New York City, NY, May 20, 2002

Most Spas Leave Money on the Table
Hotel & Motel Management, April 15, 2002

How to Re-energize the Guest Experience and Increase Profits
Lodging, April 2002

Spas and Vacation Ownership
Vacation Industry Review, March/April 2001

Thinking of Jumping on the Spa Bandwagon? Look Before You Leap
Patty Monteson, ISHC and Judy Singer, ISHC

Spas... Today and Tomorrow
National Hotel Executive, March 2000

Restoring The Homestead's Historic Spa
Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, August 1999

People, Trends, Ideas
Hotels, July 1999

Spa Trends
Lodging, May 1999

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